UPDATE: See the article where we compare the #970 to the #900P.

In the fast-paced world of salon professionals, where precision and quality reign supreme, having the right tools is essential. Among these often-overlooked tools is the salon cape, and one that is making waves in the industry is the Model #970. This large, comfortable, and versatile all-purpose cutting and chemical cape is designed to meet the diverse needs of salon professionals. With adjustable snaps at the neck, a carefully selected blend of materials, and a range of features that enhance its functionality, the Model #970 promises to redefine the salon experience. Join us as we explore the intricacies of this game-changing cape that’s becoming the top choice for stylists across the USA. See the #970 and color options here.

#970 Cutting and Chemical Cape Features

  1. Material Mastery: At its core, the Model #970 features a black polyurethane-coated fabric on the top and back, providing a sleek and durable surface that repels everything it encounters. This not only ensures a polished appearance but also simplifies the cleaning process, allowing stylists to maintain a professional workspace effortlessly.
  2. Silksheen Brilliance: The bottom of the Model #970 boasts Silksheen iridescent Nylon Polyester fabric, adding a touch of elegance while offering practical benefits. This material is waterproof, bleach-proof, and color-repellent in dark shades, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. Stylists can now work confidently, knowing their cape is resilient against the toughest challenges.
  3. Oversized Excellence: The Model #970 isn’t just about size; it’s about precision. Measuring an expansive 58″ by 60″, it provides full coverage, ensuring that no hair or chemicals escape its grasp. The oversized design is particularly advantageous for intricate techniques like Balayage and color applications, where precision and coverage are paramount.
  4. Adjustable Fit: Snaps around the neckline of the Model #970 offer an adjustable fit, ranging from 9″ to 28″. This thoughtful design ensures that the cape accommodates various neck sizes comfortably. The snap feature also enhances ease of use, allowing stylists to secure the cape swiftly, saving time and ensuring a snug fit for clients.
  5. Crafted in the USA: Craftsmanship is a cornerstone of quality, and the Model #970 proudly bears the ‘Made in the USA’ label. This signifies not just superior craftsmanship but also a commitment to supporting local industries, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted to meet the high standards expected in the salon profession.
  6. Versatile Functionality: Beyond its primary role as a cutting and chemical cape, the Model #970 proves its versatility. The long back of the cape serves as an added layer of protection, safeguarding salon chairs from hair, chemicals, and stains. It’s a thoughtful touch that speaks to the practicality and foresight put into the design.

In Conclusion

In the dynamic world of salon professionals, the Model #970 stands out as a beacon of innovation and practicality. From its unique material composition to its oversized design, adjustable fit, and versatile functionality, every feature speaks to the meticulous craftsmanship that defines this salon essential. Whether engaged in precise color applications or protecting salon furniture, the Model #970 is designed to exceed expectations. Made in the USA and equipped to repel everything, it stands as a testament to the evolution of salon capes, promising not just functionality but a superior salon experience.

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