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What are your clients looking for when they come to your salon or spa? Most likely, a relaxing experience where they can be pampered and leave feeling rejuvenated and beautiful.

When I started my business, I only had one item, a soft and beautiful feeling spa robe that clients could wear, and not feel like they were wearing a garbage bag.  Most importantly, like with all of our products we manufacture right here in NY, these spa robes stand up to harsh chemicals including bleach and color.

Our Peachskin fabric is like no other!  We have it made especially for us, and it is heavier and more durable than our competition offers. It is soft, silky, and lasts for years of washing and wear.

Since our humble beginnings we have added so many styles to keep up with our customers needs and requests. Did you know that we can design a spa robe just for you?  Many of our high-end salons purchase our spa robes for their clients.

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View all of our Spa Robes here.

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