Embroidery & Rhinestones

Embroidery is stitching applied to the garment with needle and thread on an embroidery machine. It can be done in multiple colors and will not wash off ever! It lasts for the life of the garment. This will give your salon or spa the professional look and helps to market your brand. Embroidery set up charges vary by design. Please call so we can discuss your logo size an placement. Embroidered garments may not be returned once the embroidery is applied.

Rhinestones may be added to any garment. It is best that any garment with rhinestones not be put in a dryer.

  • There is a onetime set up fee for the computer tape. May be multiple colors
  • Set up fee is based on the size and intricacy of your logo.
  • We must have camera ready artwork preferably emailed or faxed
  • Minimum quantity on embroidery is 12 pieces (may be assorted styles)
  • Minimum quantity on rhinestones is 20 pieces.
  • You must specify logo placement in all your garments.
  • We will send you a mock up for approval before embroidering on your garments if requested.

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