Dozen pricing style # 900 cape

Dozen pricing style #900 Cape

Style # 900 Cape

Style #900 Cape

POST UPDATED January 2024:  We have a newer, more updated post about cape types and comparisons here, and the #900 cape here.  Be sure to see our #970 Cutting and Chemical Cape too!

What distinguishes our salon cutting and chemical capes from other capes on the market? We have not changed the size of our best-selling cape Style # 900 in 20 years since we started manufacturing them in our facility in New York.

Our capes are made from top-quality fabric that is Teflon coated so water and chemicals will not go through. Style # 900 is a large cape, a full 58 inches wide with a 60-inch length. Many capes on the market have shrunk to 50 inches in width but not ours! They will cover and protect even your larger clients.

They are made with large necks and adjustable snaps at the neck.

We offer customization with your logo embroidered on the cape for a professional look.

These salon capes are anti static, water repellent, bleach and color proof too in dark colors and will stand up to harsh chemicals for years of wear.

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