Quality salon capes are essential tools for licensed professionals such as hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologists. These capes safeguard clients’ clothing from water, chemicals, and stains during various services like hair cutting, coloring, bleaching, perms, and more. However, not all capes are created equal in terms of durability, performance, and longevity. This is why many salons worldwide rely on LIC Salon Apparel for the highest quality wholesale salon capes.

For over 50 years, LIC has been a leading supplier of top-notch apparel and equipment for professional hair and beauty salons. Their extensive selection of salon capes is crafted to the highest standards, using waterproof and chemical-resistant materials built to withstand repeated use and washing. LIC’s quality capes ensure clients remain dry during shampooing, prevent leaks during chemical services, and fully protect clothing from nicks and snips when cutting hair.

In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics that set apart high-quality capes and showcase LIC’s top cape offerings. Read on to discover why LIC capes stand out for today’s busy salon professionals.

What Makes a High-Quality Salon Cape?

From material to construction to special features, several factors determine whether a cape will withstand the rigors of salon work. Here are the key traits that set quality salon capes apart:

Premium Materials

The best salon capes use waterproof and chemical-resistant fabrics like heavy-grade vinyl, nylon, or microfiber polyester. Quality vinyl capes will be 30-40mm thick and reinforced with a soft fleece backing for comfort. Nylon and microfiber capes feature sturdy, leakproof coatings like polyurethane or silicone. These heavyweight materials prevent stains, protect skin from irritation, and keep clients completely dry.

Reinforced Construction

Every detail of construction impacts cape quality. Bound interior seams and strong stitching prevent leakage and ripping. Tough, reinforced snap closures withstand repeated use. Generous hems and reinforced neck openings maintain shape and tear resistance. The best capes are meticulously constructed for longevity and performance.

Oversized Dimensions

Quality capes provide full coverage with extended length and width to protect clients’ clothing and skin. Lengths up to 54 inches give complete protection for larger services like hair coloring. Adjustable fits ensure capes accommodate all body types.

Convenient Features

Details like thumbholes, Velcro and snap closures, and waterproof linings make quality capes highly functional. Thumbholes keep sleeves in place. Secure closures prevent capes from slipping off. Waterproof linings provide an added barrier against leaks.


High-quality capes maintain their integrity wash after wash. Heavy-duty materials and reinforced seams prevent rips, tears, and fraying over time. Sturdy construction allows repeated hot tool use without damage. Quality capes can last for years with proper care.

Professional Aesthetics

Along with protective qualities, the best capes also make a style statement. Quality materials provide a luxurious drape and flow. Beautiful colors and prints project a polished, upscale image. Details like embroidery and trim add sophisticated finishing touches.

When sourcing capes, always look for salon-grade materials, reinforced construction, oversized sizing, convenient features, durability, and attractive aesthetics. These hallmarks of quality ensure maximum protection for clients as well as longevity and value for your salon.

LIC Salon Apparel’s Highest Quality Cape Options

With their wide selection of premium materials, it’s no surprise LIC Salon Apparel offers the finest quality capes available. Here are some of their most durable, high-performing cape options:

1. Heavyweight Vinyl Cutting Cape

The heavy-duty vinyl cutting cape provides salon-quality performance and protection. At a substantial 32mm thickness, this cape offers incredible water resistance and durability. The soft vinyl material won’t irritate the skin. A generous, oversized fit ensures full coverage during cutting services. This cape is available in several beautiful colors and features a flat lay style that conforms neatly to the client for easy positioning. The vinyl stands up to repeated hot tool use and washing while maintaining its shape and integrity.

2. Deluxe Nylon Shampoo Cape

The deluxe shampoo cape uses durable, waterproof nylon reinforced with a polyurethane coating to create a leakproof barrier. Bound interior seams prevent any dampness from seeping through. A generous cut provides full coverage, while the secure Velcro neck closure keeps the cape protectively in place. Offered in multiple colors, this cape provides stain and chemical resistance for versatility beyond just shampoo services. The long length adds extra protection to keep clients completely dry during washing.

3. Super Heavyweight PVC Cutting Cape

The super heavyweight PVC cutting cape is constructed with an extra-thick vinyl that can withstand the toughest salon conditions. It features a super soft fleece backing for comfort along with industrial strength Velcro closures. Thumbholes help keep sleeves in place when cutting hair. This cape boasts an extended length for full coverage. The heavy-duty PVC keeps its integrity wash after wash while providing a water and chemical barrier. This cape is a cut above the rest when it comes to durability.

4. Extra Long 100% Waterproof PVC Cape

The extra-long PVC cape offers foolproof protection at 42 inches long. Made of durable vinyl, this cape holds up to repeated washing and hot tool use without damage. The bound interior seams create a leakproof seal to keep clients dry and protected. A matte vinyl finish gives this cape a refined, upscale look. The snap closures allow custom fitting. Available in classic colors, this cape is ideal for chemical services, highlighting, and precision cutting.

5. Designer Series Waterproof Cloth Cutting Cape

The designer cloth cutting cape infuses style and function. A high-quality polyester microfiber exterior provides a luxurious drape while the waterproof interior liner prevents leaks. This cape features a tie neck and thumbholes for adjustability along with beautiful floral prints and solids. The lightweight microfiber material allows this cape to lay flat and conform to the client for precision cutting work. Despite its delicate look, this cape is surprisingly durable and resistant to nicks and snags.

6. Chemical Processing Cape

The chemical cape offers heavy-duty protection specifically designed for chemical processing. It’s constructed with extra thick and reinforced with leakproof electronically welded seams. Secure front closures prevent shifting. A soft backing lies gently against the skin for comfort. This cape is generously sized for full coverage. The substantial PVC protects against leaks and stains when applying hair color, bleach, perm solution, or other chemicals.

7. Washable Nylon Shampoo Cape

LIC’s own washable nylon shampoo cape is engineered for hair washing with a waterproof nylon exterior and leakage preventing bound seams. A generous 54-inch length provides complete coverage. Front Velcro closures secure the cape while thumbholes keep sleeves back. This cape comes in standard and plus sizes so stylists can outfit clients of all body types. Despite repeated shampooing, the durable nylon maintains its integrity and protective qualities.

8. Extra Long Cutting Cape

For full protection, check out our extra-long cutting cape. At 46 inches, this cape shields clients from neck to toe. Sturdy vinyl and electronically sealed seams prevent leaks. A snap front closure ensures a secure fit.

9. Heavyweight Embroidered Cutting Cape

An embroidered cutting cape lends sophistication with an embroidered exterior and accent trim. The heavyweight vinyl provides durability and water resistance. Signature embroidery and piping add polished finishing touches. An adjustable Velcro closure allows a custom fit. This cape drapes beautifully while protecting clothing.

Why Choose LIC Salon Apparel’s Quality Capes?

LIC Salon Apparel’s selection of premier salon capes offers many advantages for professional stylists and their clients:

Keep Clients Dry and Protected

LIC’s thick vinyl, nylon, and microfiber cape materials provide waterproof barriers that prevent leaks, drips, and stains. Clients can relax knowing their outfits will stay clean and dry.

Withstand Salon Wear and Tear

From shampooing to blow drying to chemical treatments, salon capes endure a lot. LIC’s durable, rip-resistant fabrics and reinforced seams allow quality capes to maintain their integrity even under tough salon conditions.

Provide Adjustable, Full Coverage

LIC’s oversized capes with adjustable Velcro, snap, or tie closures conform to fit clients of all shapes and sizes. Extra-long lengths protect the client’s entire body.

Comfortable for Clients

Details like fleece backing, cloth exteriors, and smooth vinyl provide soft, gentle contact against a client’s skin and neck.

Professional, Stylish Look

LIC’s beautiful cape prints, colors, embroidery, and trim present a polished, high-end aesthetic that aligns with your brand’s style.

Save Money Long Term

Quality capes withstand hundreds of uses over disposable capes. The durable construction provides value over time.

Gain Clients’ Confidence

Quality capes give clients confidence their clothing will remain spotless during salon services. This can win business!

Easy Care and Maintenance

LIC’s capes hold up well to machine washing, drying, and ironing. Just check for tears and repair or replace capes with excessive wear.

Caring for Salon Capes

To get the most mileage from quality salon capes:

  • Machine wash frequently in hot water with gentle detergent to sanitize and remove product buildup
  • Air dry thoroughly – avoid harsh machine drying that can damage fabrics
  • Iron gently as needed to smooth out wrinkles
  • Inspect regularly for tears, holes, loose closures and repair or replace capes with excessive wear
  • Disinfect periodically with a sanitizing spray to kill germs
  • Store properly when not in use – folded on shelves or hanging to prevent creases
  • Hand wash delicates like cloth capes separately to avoid snags
  • With occasional washing and mending, LIC’s durable, high-quality capes can last for years in busy salons.

Get Your Salon the Highest Quality Capes from LIC

LIC Salon Apparel’s impressive selection of salon capes sets the benchmark for quality materials, construction, comfort, and aesthetics. Their durable, high-performing capes keep clients protected and stylists satisfied. Plus, LIC’s wholesale pricing on bulk orders provides excellent value.

Give your salon and clients that salon-quality experience by stocking up on LIC’s professional-grade capes. Their family-owned company provides outstanding service and fast shipping direct from their US warehouse.

Order a set today and experience the LIC difference! Then leave a review describing your experience using their top-notch capes during salon services.

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