Are you looking to glam your hair salon up some? If you are, buying a hair cutting cape should be your next move. Getting high-quality hair cutting capes for your customers is a classy move many salons aren’t bothering with.

People pay a lot of money for quality hair service. You’ll want to give your customers gear and services worth what they’re giving.

Below, we’ll show you how to choose the best hair cutting cape for your salon, barbershop, or personal use.

1. Decide the Fabric Blend for Your Hair Cutting Cape

When you’re choosing among hairdressing capes, look at their fabrics first. There’s salon apparel that comes from a single fabric. There are also those that got woven into a fabric blend, like polyester with microfiber.

You want fabrics that have special features from coatings. These will often have resistance to water, stains, and wrinkles. Let’s not forget a hair salon cape’s resistance to heat and static electricity.

Most fabrics for salon use will also undergo treatment to resist strong solutions. These include hair color, perm solution, and bleach. This way, you can have a nylon hair cutting cape with an acrylic coating.

Capes with waterproof polyurethane coating have the strongest chemical proofing. They also offer the highest level of protection and durability. Remember still to keep comfort in mind when you decide on a fabric blend for your hair cutting cape.

Also, take note of how easy it is to maintain a cape made from a certain fabric. High-maintenance fabrics can cost you more time, energy, and money. However, don’t choose fabrics that are cheap either.

2. Don’t Forget the Weight and Breathability of the Haircut Cape

Wearing a hair cutting cape shouldn’t feel like donning armor. Although both offer protection, what you need is the lightweight and comfortable kind. Let’s also not forget breathability, which is not synonymous to lightweight.

Quality salon robes and capes need to be both lightweight and breathable. For example, nylon is a great fabric choice for its lighter weight. Acrylic proofing offers the best kind of breathability and pairs well with nylon.

If you’re considering a long cape, get to know the choices you have with lightweight fabric. If you want to give your clients’ footwear protection, don’t overlook their comfort.

3. Degrees of Water, Stain, and Wrinkle Resistance

Hair salon capes for clients are like what your aprons are for staff. Other than being comfortable, they also have to be durable. Resistance to water and wrinkles are also great features to invest in.

If you’re not washing your clients’ hair, you’re most likely spraying them to cut easier. This is why you need water repellent haircut capes. The liquid that touches it should slip off the material with ease.

Wrinkle-free capes are also great to have. A good example of a wrinkle-, water-, and a stain-resistant fabric is nylon/poly iridescent.

Stains are another issue you need to be able to tackle. Salons deal with hair-coloring and bleaching chemicals all the time. This is why you need fabrics that don’t stain.

4. Design and Style of Your Cape

Do you want a set of cutting capes that have patterns but still give a professional look? Would solid colors look better on your clients? Do you want your clients to remember the unique look of your salon’s capes?

Since salons are part of the beauty industry, you need beautiful hair cape designs. The typical hair cutting cape design in many salons is plain black. It works because it looks sleek but it’s also a practical choice for stains.

However, if you’re going to be commissioning a hair cutting cape set for your salon of excellent quality why not choose a unique design? Be distinctive and fashionable but not trendy. After all, trends tend to disappear after some time.

Having unique designs for your hair salon capes also give your salon the extra “oomph factor”. Remember, there are around 996,338 hair salons in the United States as of 2018. You need all the oomph factors you can get when you’re competing against this many other salons.

Choose from a variety of patterns, prints, and other unique hair cape designs. Experiment with either the traditional or reversible style. Highlight your salon’s personality by defying the norm.

5. Draw It Close

How adjustable are your closure considerations? Do you want fixed snaps, hook-and-loop, or magnets on your hair cutting capes? Remember, the closure type you choose should protect your clients’ neck area.

The most common choices for cape closures are Velcro and snaps. Velcro offers resistance against harsh chemicals. They also offer an adjustable manner of closing the cape up.

Snaps are fast, secure and reliable closure methods. They are not as flexible as Velcro but they can offer adjustability. When you choose snaps, make sure they’re of high-quality make so they don’t detach from the material after a while.

6. How to Find the Best Hair Cutting Cape

Above, we’ve given you the factors that help you choose the best hairdressing capes on the market. Now, let’s look at the practical influences when choosing hair cutting capes.

First of all, does it fit your budget?

Look at the cost of each cape and how many you’ll need for your establishment. If it doesn’t fit the budget, make a compromise. You can still get quality hair salon capes without the chic designs for now.

The next thing to look at is the user reviews, especially when you’re looking at online shops. User reviews and user ratings will be able to give you an idea of the quality of the apparel. Unique features like sleeves are also worth considering.

Find the Best Haircut Cape

That’s it for our guide on deciding on a hair cutting cape for your business. Whether you’re a salon owner or a hair/beauty influencer, you need a hairdressing cape. Grab your own hair cut cape now.

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