The summer is nearly over and show season is beginning again. We are really looking forward to a new show this September, Premiere Philadelphia. There has not been a show in Philadelphia before and this will be the first year for all of the exhibitors. I always love the shows as it gives me the opportunity to meet customers, old and new in person! Before the shows, I always work on a couple of new styles to debut at the shows so I can get feedback form the customers and am able to incorporate that feedback into new styles or adjustments to old styles. We will be bringing all our aprons, uniforms, cape, robes and brushes with us so you will be able to try them on and make sure you have just what is perfect for your salon or spa. Our best selling capes, style # 900 will be on special and so will some of our robes, like style # 87P.

After the Philadelphia show, we have two weeks at home and then move onto Columbus , Ohio for the Premiere Beauty Classic. Then it is off to Birmingham, Alabama for the last show of the year, Premiere Birmingham. We hope to see some of you at one of the shows!

Style #87 Kimono Style Wrap Robe

Style # 87P Our best selling robe in Peachskin

Did you know that we can create a style just for your salon? We work with salon owners and managers all the time that want to create something that reflects their distinctive style and needs. Come and visit us at one of the shows and let us know what we can make for you! All our garments are hand crafted in the USA in our own factory. We are meticulous about quality and make certain that your garments are made to last and perform.

Susan Peters
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