What makes our Salon Aprons different? We design them with fit and function in mind.I love the designing process. I start by draping the fabric on a dress form and pinning it to look like what I am visualizing. Then I cut the fabric and go to the machines. It takes a few times usually before I get it to look like an apron. It is a little messy but creative and fun! Then I have several body shapes try it on and make the adjustments needed. Once I am satisfied, I cut a paper pattern and we go into production, cutting, sewing, pressing and snapping.

Knowing that they are worn and washed over and over again we tack the straps at all the corners for extra stabilization. Many of our Salon Aprons have two rows of stitching on the straps so they lay flatter on the neckline.

What is the difference in the fabrics? We use fabrics that are water repellent and all the black fabrics are bleach and color proof.

Convertible Mini Apron

Convertible Mini Apron

We use a special Teflon coating on many of our fabrics so that water beads off keeping you protected while you are working.

Our fabrics are always tested for water and bleach resistance before they are even cut and sewn into garments.

Both the Centura fabric and the Silksheen fabric have this special coating that resists everything!

One of the most flattering styles is Convertible mini apron . 

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